The Technion Human Health Initiative (THHI) is an institution-wide, comprehensive program that aims to address challenges in the realm of human health – from the patient bed to pharma, diagnostics and materials, through medical devices, robotics, big data and artificial intelligence all the way to environmental hazards, food technology, patient-centered clinical practices, hospital design and well-being.


An important component of this Initiative is the development, maintenance and harmonization of cutting-edge instrumentation facilities, so essential for advanced research and development in human-health related fields. We have learned, however, that awareness to the wide range of instrumentation facilities available for these purposes is challenged by the diversity of research fields, academic divisions as well as geographical scatter at the Technion.

It is our hope that this web-based resource, that contains information, direct links and focused search capabilities, will allow research groups, both within the Technion and affiliated entities, to find, and then make good use of the facilities they need.

We thank the personnel of our infrastructure facilities for their dedication, excellent service and for their efforts in setting up and maintaining this resource. We are also grateful for the continual support of the Technion, its many friends outside and within Israel and multiple national funding agencies for providing the means essential for establishing and running these facilities.

Noam E Ziv
On behalf of THHI management


From the EVPR

The Technion, individual faculties and investigators continually invest in the establishment of cutting-edge infrastructure centers and instrumentation that is essential for contemporary research and development. Furthermore, the Technion supports and encourages all Technion members, other Israeli Academies as well as the public (i.e. . industries) to use and to take advantage of these facilities.

The establishment of the Technion Human Health Initiative created a need for a more focused web site catering to the needs of investigators involved in human-health related research and development.

We hope you will find this resource useful and wish you exciting results! On behalf of Technion management

Professor Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein
Executive Vice President for Research