Core Facilities

Name Faculty Core Director Email Phone
3D-Bioprinting center for printing cells and biomaterials Biomedical Engineering Prof. Shulamit Levenberg 04-8294810 Web site
Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit Lokey Center Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund 04-8293958 Web site
Technion Genomics Center (TGC) Medicine Dr. Liat Linde 04-8295221 Web site
Biomedical Core Facility Medicine Dr. Ofer Shenker 04-8295364 Web site
Micro-Nano Fabrication & Printing Unit (MNF&PU) Elecrtical Engineering Nir Tessler 077-887-4719 Web site
MIKA - The Electron Microscopy Center at The Department of Materials Science & Engineering Materials Science & Engineering Dr. Yaron Kauffmann 04-8294567 Web site
National Center for Imaging and Brain Stimulation Biomedical Engineering Prof. Shulamit Levenberg 04-8294810 Web site
TCSB - Technion Center for Structural Biology Lokey Center Dr. Yael Pazy Benhar 077-887-1901 Web site
Smoler Proteomics Center Lokey Center Dr. Tamar Ziv 04-8293446 Web site
Quantum Matter Research (QMR) center Physics Dr. Anna Eyal 04-8293580 Web site
The Life Science and Engineering Infrastructure Center (LS&E) Lokey Center Dr. Maayan Duvshani-Eshet 04-8295834 Web site
The Russell Berrie NNSCC center Biotechnology & Food Engineering Dr Sigal Eichler 077-8871936 Web site
The Technion Center for Electron Microscopy of Soft Matter (TCEMSM) Chemical Engineering Dr. Olga Kleinerman 04-8292845 Web site
X-ray center Chemical Engineering 04-8292113 Web site
The Pre–Clinical Research Authority Dr. Dvir Mintz 077-8871133 Web site